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ZA Self-Catering Unit No.482


• An intimate white-washed cottage just 100m from the beach with sea views and a wood-burning fireplace. This is a ‘granny flat’ next to the main house, charming and private, with its own security system and parking.
• Outdoor access to the patio entrance via two gates and a paved pathway from the parking area with small gravel stones. There is a small section of pavers in the parking area in front of the gate – width 800 mm.
• Level access to the cottage via entrance with a cemented area at the door. Overhead cover of slatted wood. The patio has large paving stones with small gravel stones in-between. Access to the barbecue and outdoor table.
• Spacious bedroom area with a couch and a chair. Height of bed is 620 mm. Access to the open cupboards and hanging hooks on the wall. Leg space of 760 mm at the desk.
• En-suite bathroom with an open, walk-in entrance. Large roll-in shower with a small seat, lever tap and adjustable shower handle. No overhead shower. Entrance width is 1160 mm. The grab rail is not within reach.
• Open toilet cubicle with entrance width of 1160 mm. Limited space of 400 mm next to the toilet for side-ways transfer. Measurement from wall to front of toilet is 690 mm and height of toilet seat is 440 mm. No grab rails within reach.
• Leg space of 680 mm underneath the shelf and basin with a lever tap. Top height of basin is 860 mm. Mirror not within reach.
• Access to all the kitchen facilities and leg space at the basin. Height of the work surface is 900 mm.
• No access to the beach pathway with stairs.

Address N/A