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Heldervue, Somerset West


• “Our signature view overlooking the deep blue hues of False Bay is a sight to behold.”
• Level access from the tarred parking area in front of the room. The outside, private entrance to the room has a small step. The main entrance of the guest house has a small incline to the door and a small threshold step. There is a second entrance door to the room from inside the main house. Level access to the private patio with entrance width of 710 mm.
• Spacious bedroom with adequate space next to the bed for transfer. Access to the cupboards with a lowered hang rail. Height of bed is 570 mm and leg space at the desk is 630 mm. Sliding louver blinds cover the exterior wall with large windows – no curtains. Interlinking option available to a second bedroom.
• Adequate space in the bathroom for manoeuvring of wheelchair. Roll-in shower with a choice of overhead or hand shower. The lever tap is situated more than 1 meter away from the shower and the function knob is very small. Width of shower entrance is 950 mm and depth is 1150 mm. Height of lever tap is 1460 mm. A commode chair with small wheels is available on request.
• Adequate leg space at the basin with a lever tap and mirror within reach. Small shelf next to the basin.
• Space of 800 mm next to the toilet for side-ways transfer. Measurement from wall to front of toilet is 770 mm height of seat is 480 mm. Height of grab rails is 910 mm.
• Level access to the dining room via the internal door from the room. Access to the garden and barbecue area via tarred pathways. Access to the swimming pool on the lower level via a long, steep ramp.

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