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Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal


Southern Drakensberg, Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal

  • One flight of stairs to main entrance of hotel and reception. No access to rooms in the hotel. Access to the main building of the hotel via the kitchen/staff entrance. Access to the bungalow in the garden via a steep ramp. Cement pathways provide access to the bungalow and some areas of the property.
  • Spacious bedroom in the bungalow with access to cupboards.  No lowered hang rail. Height of bed is 49 mm.
  • Width of bathroom entrance is 630 mm and with door removed it is 740 mm. Width of bathroom is 940 mm. Distance between basin and opposite wall is 680 mm. Door will be removed on request.
  • Adequate space in front of the toilet for transfer. Height of toilet seat is 450 mm. No grab rails present.
  • Bath available with regular taps and overhead shower. Height of bath is 520 mm. No roll-in shower present.
  • Leg space of 600 mm underneath the basin with regular taps. No mirror within reach.
  • Access available to the lounge, bar and restaurant in the main building via the kitchen/staff entrance. One small step to the patio.
  • The ramp to access the pool and garden is extremely steep.
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