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Limpopo, Limpopo - Kruger National Park


Limpopo – Kruger National Park, Limpopo

Bungalow no. 107

  • Access to the main buildings, two bungalows and parking areas via ramps and  paved pathways.
  • Entrance to the bungalow via a small ramp to the veranda and raised threshold at the sliding door. Width of entrance is 760 mm.
  • Adequate space in bathroom for manoeuvring of wheelchair.
  • Adequate space next to the toilet for side-ways transfer. Measurement from wall to front of toilet is 660 mm and height of toilet seat is 400 mm. Height of wall grab rail is 620 mm. Measurement from centre line of toilet to side wall is 540 mm.
  • Roll-in shower with regular taps. Height of adjustable shower handle is 1200 mm and height of grab rail is 800 mm.
  • No bath available.
  • The basin with regular taps is built into a cupboard with a shelf. Height of top of basin is 820 mm and height of mirror is 1180 mm.
  • Adequate space in bedroom with three beds and access to cupboard. No lowered hang rail. Height of bed is 560 mm. Access available to the kitchen facilities on the veranda. Height of kitchen shelf is 920 mm and leg space of table is 675 mm.
  • Access available to the restaurant, shop and patio.
  • Access to the River View lookout point via a pathway.
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