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Cape Town - South Peninsula, Western Cape


Camps Bay, Cape Town – South Peninsula, Western Cape

  • Special arrangements will be made for under cover parking at hotel entrance.
  • Adequate space in bathroom for manoeuvring of wheelchair.
  • Limited space of 610 mm next to the toilet for side-ways transfer. Measurement from wall to front of toilet is 520 mm and height of toilet seat is 470 mm. Height of cistern grab rail is 1000 mm.
  • Roll-in shower with lever tap and overhead showerhead. Width of shower is 1020 mm. Grab rail available.
  • Bath available with lever tap against the far side of the wall. Height of bath is 550 mm. Grab rail available above the level of the tap.
  • Leg space of 620 mm underneath the basin with a lever tap. Height of basin shelf is 810 mm. Mirror not within reach. A small basin is available next to the toilet.
  • Spacious bedroom with access to cupboards and lowered hang rail. Access to the room via a lift with a width of 880 mm.
  • Access available to the lounge, bar and dining room.
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