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Cape Town - Southern Suburbs, Western Cape


Newlands, Cape Town – Southern Suburbs, Western Cape

  • Entrance to room on the lower level of the property via a pathway from the paved parking area. Private patio in garden.
  • Spacious bedroom with access to cupboards and kitchen appliances. The microwave oven can be lowered on request. No lowered hang rail in the cupboard. Height of bed is 560 mm. Leg space of 730 mm at the desk with a mirror within reach.
  • Spacious bathroom for manoeuvring of wheelchair. A bath available with standard taps against the far side of the wall. Height of top edge of bath is 480 mm and height of tiled wall is 430 mm.
  • Spacious roll-in shower with standard taps and a handheld showerhead. Height of taps is 1300 mm.
  • Adequate space in front of toilet for transfer. Measurement from wall to front of toilet is 690 mm and height of toilet seat is 430 mm. One grab rail in front of toilet.
  • Adequate leg space of 740 mm underneath the basin with standard taps. No shelf available next to the basin and no mirror within reach.
  • Access available to the lounge and dining room of the guest house on upper level of property via a separate street entrance. One small step at entrance to the dining room. Assistance needed. Breakfast will be served in the bedroom on request.
  • Access to the pool patio via one large step from the dining room.
Address N/A